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If you enjoy fragrant, flavorful, powerful strains, add Chocolate Fondue to your shopping cart. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain will have you feeling energized in both mind and body with an uplifted mood, according to those who have tried it. While the mind remains clear with energy and happiness, reviewers say the body gradually gives way to a relaxing body buzz and overall tingly sensation.

With a name like Chocolate Fondue you might expect an overwhelming chocolate flavor or aroma, but with this strain you only notice mild chocolate undertones. The complex smell includes sweetness, nuttiness, and earth. In the flavor profile you will immediately taste skunk and cheese.

On observation, the deep green buds are very dense with a lot of flower contained in a small volume. This bud has little color variation with sparse orange pistils but there is a gooey layer of trichome residue coating the entire bud that no doubt contributes to the signature tastes and smells of this strain.

Upon review of Chocolate Fondue’s terpene profile, you will notice higher levels of caryophyllene, santalene, and limonene while the THC percentage levels tend to be in the low 20s. Reviewers enjoy this strain for its power making it a go to option for daytime consumption.

Genetic Lineage

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chocolate Fondue

What is Chocolate Fondue?

Chocolate Fondue is a hybrid cannabis strain with mostly sativa characteristics that eventually relax into a nice body buzz according to reviewers.

What does Chocolate Fondue mean?

Chocolate Fondue is a reference to the strain’s parentage, including Chocolope and Exodus Cheese strains.

Where does Chocolate Fondue come from?

Chocolate Fondue comes from combining genetics of Chocolope and Exodus Cheese strains.

What does Chocolate Fondue smell like?

Chocolate Fondue smells sweet and nutty with earth and chocolate undertones.

What does Chocolate Fondue taste like?

Chocolate Fondue strain tastes of cheese and skunk with an underlying sweetness.

What color does Chocolate Fondue have?

Chocolate Fondue strain is a deep green, dense bud with sparse orange pistils and a gooey trichome covering.

What effects does Chocolate Fondue have?

According to reviewers, Chocolate Fondue strain has an immediate uplifting cerebral impact, energizing the mind and body, that then gives way to a peaceful, relaxing body buzz and clear mind.

Is Chocolate Fondue an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Chocolate Fondue is a hybrid cannabis strain with mostly sativa characteristics.