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Although considered a hybrid cannabis strain, Cheesecake OG leans heavily to the indica end of the spectrum. Reviewers say the effects provide a deep, relaxing couch lock that sets in and keeps you sedated and contemplative for the length of the high. You will feel happy and without a care in the world while you do nothing at all except enjoy the stony high of this strain, according to those who have tried it.

When examining the Cheesecake OG buds, you will see well-shaped light green buds with medium density and a layer of trichomes more generously apportioned in some areas while not in others.

Upon review of your strain’s lab profile, you may see higher levels for the terpenes limonene, linalool, and myrcene. THC percentage levels can reach the mid-20s, so beginner users may want to approach with caution.

The sweet fruity aroma of this strain complements the cheese scent which is unique to many strains from the Cheesecake heritage. Flavors are also sweet with cheese and an earthy undertone from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cheesecake OG

What is Cheesecake OG?

Cheesecake OG is a powerful hybrid cannabis strain from the Cheesecake family of strains.

What does Cheesecake OG mean?

Cheesecake OG means the strain came from the family of Cheesecake strains and most likely has some OG Kush blended in.

Where does Cheesecake OG come from?

Cheesecake OG comes from the family of Cheesecake strains and most likely has some OG Kush genetics

What does Cheesecake OG smell like?

Cheesecake OG strain smells sweet and fruity with a cheese aroma.

What does Cheesecake OG taste like?

Cheesecake OG tastes sweet and fruity with an earthy aftertaste.

What color does Cheesecake OG have?

Cheesecake OG buds are light green with moderate orange pistils and a layer of trichomes that is more generously applied in some areas of the bud while not in others.

What effects does Cheesecake OG have?

Cheesecake OG elevates the mood and locks you to the couch in a deep relaxing state, according to those who have tried it.

Is Cheesecake OG an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Cheesecake OG is a hybrid cannabis strain with strong indica characteristics.