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Fast-hitting Bubblegun is a cannabis strain that impacts you right from the first hit, instantly elevating mood and providing a burst of energy that helps creativity thrive and imagination soar as reviewers have shared. Cerebral effects can be immediately felt as the buzz takes over your head and body before evolving into a powerfully relaxing buzz.

As a well-balanced, powerful hybrid, this strain comes from Bubble Gum and AK-47 parents and brings forward all their spunk and flavor.

Upon first inspection, you can’t help but be intrigued by the complex combination of smells like fruit, mint, pepper, and bubblegum. Flavors of fruit and mint are more forward while pepper emerges more on the exhale.

The nugs of Bubblegun are surprisingly dense in structure and are a light green covered in orange pistils. Trichomes can be seen but mostly get lost in a sea of green. If you are a terp hunter in search of pinene or caryophyllene you will find more than enough in this strain along with THC levels ranging from 21% to 29%.

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Bubblegun - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Bubblegun

Frequently Asked Questions About Bubblegun

What is Bubblegun?

Bubblegun is a hard hitting balanced hybrid strain with delicious flavor.

Where does Bubblegun come from?

Bubblegun is a cross of Bubble Gum and AK-47.

What does Bubblegun smell like?

Bubblegun smells of sweet candy; many say bubblegum. It has other levels of flavor that include, mint, skunk and pepper.

What does Bubblegun taste like?

Bubblegun has a candy-like sugary taste that transitions to a more herbal and earthy flavor that is minty and peppery.

What color does Bubblegun have?

Bubblegun has pale green buds that are dense and shaped in elongated nodes. It has light orange pistils and a thin coating of silvery trichomes.

What effects does Bubblegun have?

Bubblegun has been described as having powerful fast-acting effects that start with a mood enhancing buzz. Many report feeling a burst of energy the stimulates their creative mind with new ideas and inspiration. In the body users report feeling relaxed and calm.

Is Bubblegun an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Bubblegun is a balanced hybrid.