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About this Hybrid Strain

It should be stated at the start that the Blueberry Essence cannabis strain is as delicious as is sounds. It’s a flavorful hybrid that’s been reported as having soothing effects on both the body and mind. This may be in part because of its higher-than-average CBD levels, ranging between 1% and 10%.

Although this strain’s genetics are a mystery, we know it comes from the Blue Dream family. It’s quite apparent when you take a whiff of its scent, you’ll likely catch blueberries and sweet fruity aromas punctuated by notes of spice or fresh earth. It tastes both sweet and spicy with notes of earth and pine on the exhale. Reviewers have enjoyed feeling an elevated mood, euphoria, and occasionally a tingling body buzz after smoking or vaping it.

Upon examining the nugs of the Blueberry Essence strain, your eyes will be enamored by the visually appealing rich forest-green color covered with vivid orange pistils. The leaves and the flower are packed densely together and patches of trichome crystals form all over the buds. Blueberry Essence THC levels can fluctuate, so be sure to check on your batch’s before buying or making a serving for yourself.

But whether enjoying in the daytime or later in the evening, reviewers believe one can settle in for a happy, tingly relaxation with Blueberry Essence weed. Perhaps even explore the dreamy state that elevates your mood!

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