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The indica cannabis strain Bay Dream produces buds that are small and fluffy, often deep green with tinges of violet shades. Its pistils are an almost-translucent amber, and each bud is covered with a thin but visible layer of resin. Its scent and flavor are pine mixed with a sweet lemon/citrus.

Like Bay 11, Bay Dream was also bred by Grand Daddy Purp. Its parent strains are a cross between the hybrid Blue Dream and sativa Bay 11.

The average THC level of Bay Dream is anywhere between 18-24%, making this strain highly potent. Reviewers have stated the high of this strain begins instantly, stimulating cerebral activity and building until a creative euphoria peaks. Anxiousness may arise for those that have tendencies towards this side-effect. Munchies will occur, and energy will increase. This strain is best used when occupying the mind with something productive or creative. It will invoke happiness simultaneously relaxing the body.

Expect both dry mouth and eyes, with mild cases of anxiety if too high of a dose is consumed. Some have reported small bouts of dizziness.

Bay Dream is enjoyed by growers for its heavy yields, but flowering time takes nine to ten weeks.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 18-24%

Genetic Lineage

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