Banana Diesel

THC: 20% CBD: <1% After Work

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About this Hybrid Strain

The strong sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Banana Diesel emits a tropical flavor that’s sweet andtangy reminiscent of bananas and citrus. It has diesel-like undertones and tastes a bit tangy.

When ready for reaping, its buds are light green with faint hues of orange, covered in resinous trichomes.

Banana Diesel bares a THC content of at least 20%, making this strain a heady one. Its high produces asurge in creativity, energy, and euphoria – with some noting its ability to induce fits of the giggles. It’sbest to uplift one’s mood, reviewers enjoying consuming this strain to help with depression, irritability,and anxiety.

The usual cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes are to be expected from consuming this strain. Rare cases ofheadaches, paranoia, and dizziness have been reported if consumed improperly.

Banana Diesel is a rare strain, mostly being sold in dispensaries in southern Calfornia.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 20%
CBD: <1%


The parent strains of Banana Diesel are the hybrid Banana Kush and sativa Super Sour Diesel.

Genetic Lineage