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Baby OG is an indica dominant hybrid strain and is a very, very mellow and soothing strain. It’s definitely an Indica leaning strain. It’s like a lullaby. It’s another one that seems to be OG based but the specific genetics are not disclosed. This shit is really soft. It’s super mellow. It’s dope. Say you fought a lot throughout the day and you just wanted to come home, smoke, chill TF out and relax, Baby OG is the strain for you! Baby OG has visually appealing buds, which maintain a small to medium size and carry a dark, deep green color with slight tendencies of purple. Embedded within the fiery orange pistils lie crisp white trichomes that closely line the contrasting flower. The trichomes give the flower a fantastic texture, almost making it feel sticky. The trichome coverage is a clear indicator of a good cannabinoid profile.

Baby OG is an Indica dominant hybrid with a sweet and diesel like flavor with mild herbal undertones. The aroma smells a little sweet and skunky mixed with dirty earth.

Kinda unsettling, though, is this dank little thing smells like baby shit on a summer day in New York City. This cross from Oni Seed Co. offers a widely applicable approach to cannabis, giving folks a mild toking and a slightly stoned relaxation that slides over you like a blanket made of gentle sighs. It’s a very chill, relaxing feeling, tethering you to the couch and eliminating almost everything that would make you want to move. Some might call it sedation, we just call it the stuff dreams are made of! Baby OG also has a wicked front-end body as well. If you have any tension or soreness going on, a joint of Baby OG will get in there, melt that bullshit right out and make you forget it may have even been hurting at all. very calming

There is not much growing information on flowering time, yield or preferred atmosphere available on the web on Baby OG but given Baby OG’s traits, like many OG strains in the OG family one may suspect seed plants to have some similar characteristics like preferring a controlled environment. Lavender and pine hints in scent and flavor point to linalool and pinene being dominant in this strain’s terpene profile. Linalool and pinene might be good indicators when trying to select a Baby OG for calming relief of pain, or as an aromatic choice for use in a fall woods restoration project. Flowering times for indoor Baby OG plants to be expected for the seed are the usual: 45 to 65 days flowering time with indica-leaning hybrids. Growers working with clone plants can expect to finish the hunt for a Baby OG with a well-timed selection and attentive care to a two- to three-month flowering cycle. Expect to see plants reach short, bushy heights; wider-than-tall plants have many bud branches. Many Baby OG dense, tapering-topped colas are full and well suited for indoor soil or hydro growing environments. If you plan to grow this plant in soil, be sure to feed soil-mate beneficial microbes with microbial foods at every watering; yield returns for plants full of well-fed, rapidly budded branches can be outstanding.

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Hybrid Baby OG

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby OG

What is Baby OG?

Baby OG is a mild and mellow strain that is perfect for enjoying a more calm state while not becoming too tired.

Where does Baby OG come from?

The exact genetic origins of Baby OG are not currently known.

What does Baby OG smell like?

Baby OG has a mild and inviting aroma that is not overpowering. It carries earthy and herbal notes, with subtle hints of sweetness.

What does Baby OG taste like?

Baby OG delivers a smooth and mild blend of earthy and herbal flavors, complemented by hints of sweetness.

What color does Baby OG have?

Baby OG's buds are typically medium to small in size and dense. The nugs come in darker shades of green, often with hints of purple and rusty orange pistils. It has a fine layer of white trichomes.

What effects does Baby OG have?

Baby OG offers a gentle and relaxing high that provides a mild euphoria without overwhelming the senses. The high is characterized by a sense of calmness and tranquility, making it a suitable choice for winding down after a long day or seeking relief from stress.

Is Baby OG an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Baby OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.