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There are two different strains named Aphrodite. One is named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty while the other is named after and spelled like the hairstyle. Here we’ll be discussing the Aphrodite strain spelled like the goddess, which is a sativa-dominant hybrid first bred by Mad Mark Farms. It gets its name from the euphoria it is reputed to produce that its fans say can help you fall back in love with your life while re-discovering the beauty of your surroundings.

Some of its users believe it increases cerebral activity which, they have said can lead to creative inspiration or allow conversations to become more intriguing.  Some reviewers have noted it’s a good strain to relieve hangovers and it won’t create drowsiness, leaving their mood has enhanced as stressful thoughts leave the mind and mild aches throughout the body dull into a pleasant numbness.

THC levels of Aphrodite can vary so checking the label before deciding how much you should use is important. When you open up your package of Aphrodite you’ll be hit with a sweet yet sour earthy aroma and find buds that are a deep green with a dusting of trichomes beautifully giving it a frosty look.

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Hybrid Aphrodite