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A Sativa-leaning hybrid, Amnesia White was created by crossing Amnesia Haze and Afghanica. Its enjoyed for its sativa-effects, its pungent smell, delicious flavor, and powerful mental buzz.

Amnesia White has spade-shaped, forest-green buds combined with an abundance of burnt orange pistils that protrude wherever the buds do not. A thick coating of golden trichomes blankets the entire bud gluing everything together.

When you break apart the nugs of Amnesia White they release a spicy aroma of herbs and pine. It is both woody and floral while carrying a dryness similar to tobacco about it. Following its aroma, Amnesia White tastes of herbs and pinewood. It also has subtle notes of sweet flowers, but finishes quite spicy and a little bit harsh on the pallet.

Amnesia White has potent effects that sativa lovers crave and will enjoy. Consumers say its a hard-hitting strain that delivers immediate effects as many notice an energizing wave wash over their minds and body. They say this feeling is very buzzing as its reported that peoples faces, mind, and body tingles. Many have said Amnesia White ignites their creative mind as they can approach obstacles and problems with a new and refreshing mindset. It is a strain that is best enjoyed during the day or afternoon.

Genetic Lineage

Hytiva Cannabis Strain Placeholder
Hybrid Afghanica
Afghani Origin
Hawaiian Origin
Jamaican Origin

Frequently Asked Questions About Amnesia White

What is Amnesia White?

Amnesia White is a sativa-dominant hybrid with powerful mind stimulating effects.

Where does Amnesia White come from?

Amnesia White is a cross of Amnesia Haze and Afghanica.

What does Amnesia White smell like?

Amnesia White has an earthy aroma that is of pine, spice and is woody.

What Amnesia White taste like?

Amnesia White has a subtle floral flavor that turns more earthy and spicy.

What color does Amnesia White have?

Amnesia White has forest-green buds, burnt orange pistils and golden trichomes.

What effects does Amnesia White have?

Amnesia White has stimulating effects that give users a mental and body buzz. They say it is a great strain for looking at problems with a different perspective, and a fun strain for social activities. It is non-drowsy.

Is Amnesia White an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Amnesia White is a slight sativa-dominant hybrid.