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Acai Gelato is an exceptional indica-dominant hybrid that tantalizes like an indulgent, fruity desert. This lovechild of Acai Berry and Gelato has flowers with dense nugs and features hues of deep purple and forest green. The buds are generously dusted with opaque trichomes and exhibit fiery orange pistils.

Acai Gelato releases a fruity, sweet, and earthy bouquet. The dominant scent is that of ripe acai berries that are delightfully sweet and tart. This is complemented by creamy vanilla and hints of pine. The sweet flavor has a similar, dominant acai berry taste with creamy notes of silky Gelato. A gentle touch of earthiness rounds it out.

Many have shared that Acai Gelato offers a balanced high that's perfect for both recreational and medicinal users. The effects begin with a cerebral uplift that increases happiness and creativity. As the high progresses, a calming body buzz sets in, gently relieving tension and stress. Acai Gelato is ideal for unwinding or for spending time with friends.

Genetic Lineage

Hytiva Cannabis Strain Placeholder
Hybrid Acai Gelato
Gelato - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Gelato
OG Kush - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid OG Kush
African Origin

Frequently Asked Questions About Acai Gelato

What is Acai Gelato?

Acai Gelato is an an indica-leaning hybrid strain with delicious dessert-like flavor and balanced effects.

Where does Acai Gelato come from?

Acai Gelato is a cross of Acai Berry and Gelato.

What does Acai Gelato smell like?

Breaking open a nug of Acai Gelato exudes a combination of fruity, berry-like, and earthy notes.

What does Acai Gelato taste like?

Acai Gelato delivers a blend of fruity, berry-like, and earthyflavors. It is both tarty as well as creamy.

What color does Acai Gelato have?

Acai Gelato buds are commonly deep purple and forest green. The flowers are dense, have fiery orange pistils, and a thick dusting of opaque trichomes.

Is Acai Gelato an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Acai Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.

What effects does Acai Gelato have?

Acai Gelato aims to provide a balanced high, offering both cerebral uplift and physical relaxation. Users often report feeling relaxed, euphoric, inspired, and focused.