Ideal Strains & Tips for the Novice Consumer

If you're new to the cannabis scene, these strains = good experiences.


New to the cannabis scene? Have low tolerance levels for THC? Here’s your comprehensive guide to choosing a strain that’s right for you along with quick tips to avoid reaching that uncomfortable state of paranoia!

Choose a Low THC Strain or High CBD Strain

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive component of cannabis that creates the “high” or “stone” we’ve all read about or experienced. It’s this cannabinoid that can either create a state of euphoria or anxiety, depending on whether just enough or too much has been consumed.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the analgesic, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory component of cannabis that creates a physical state of relaxation. It’s often used to treat medical conditions, while recreational users enjoy its soothing effects as well. CBD works synergistically with THC, often enhancing physical sensations while reducing psychoactive, anxiety-inducing effects.

To avoid the paranoia and/or anxiety that many strains produce in novice consumers, the first step is to start with a low THC strain or one that has high CBD levels. Generally, high THC levels begin at 15% and can top at 35%. Any strain containing above 1% of CBD is actually considered high in CBD!

Ideal Strains Below 15% THC & Above 1% CBD

The following strains often average below 15% THC and have over 1% CBD. However, always check potencies before purchasing. Differing harvests and growing techniques can change THC and CBD levels.

  • Haoma (indica) 10-12% THC & 3-6% CBD
  • Blue Blood (indica) 10-20% THC & 10% CBD
  • CBD Shark (indica) 10% THC & 10% CBD
  • Harlequin (sativa) 5-10% THC & 11% CBD
  • Haoma Mist (hybrid) 10% THC & 11% CBD
  • Ringo’s Gift (hybrid) 10% THC & 10% CBD
  • Arabian Gold (sativa) 11% THC & 1% CBD
  • Nova (indica) 12-15% THC & 5% CBD
  • Phantom Cookies (hybrid) 12-15% THC & 12% CBD
  • Dance World (sativa) 12-15% THC & 11% CBD
  • CBD Mango Haze (sativa) 12% THC & 12% CBD
  • Abusive OG (indica) 13-18% THC & 205% CBD
  • Avi (hybrid) 13% THC & 26% CBD
  • Bandana (hybrid) 13% THC & 4% CBD
  • Blue Dynamite (indica) 14-24% THC & 10% CBD
  • Dieseltonic (hybrid) 7-8% THC & 7-8% CBD
  • Pennywise (indica) 8-15% THC & 12% CBD
  • Jamaican Lion (sativa) 9% THC & 13% CBD
  • Maui Bubble Gift (hybrid) 9% THC & 11% CBD

Tip #1: Smoke Bud Before Trying Concentrates or Edibles

As the market opens up with dab pens, rigs, bongs, and a plethora of other products, it’s best to dive into the realm of cannabis via smoking bud first. Smoking the actual flower of the plant allows you to experience firsthand what it’s like to use a pipe and to smell and taste the plant. Not only this, but smoking flower often gives the consumer a smaller dose of THC than concentrates or edibles.

If you dive into the cannabis world by chewing on an edible, you may overdo it without knowing it until 45 minutes later – which won’t be fun if you’re on vacation out in public. Concentrates are a great way to enjoy cannabis, but for novice consumers, this will often lead to paranoia or anxiety immediately.

Tip #2: Small Puffs!

When taking a toke of cannabis from a pipe or joint, don’t suck in too hard! Not only will find yourself experiencing a THC overload, but this can also cause ash or small pieces of cannabis to make their way into your mouth and throat. Not to mention it can burn, causing a horrible fit of coughs to ensue. You can also choose to vape instead: Differences Between Vaping & Smoking.

Tip #3: Water, Eye Drops, Snacks

Most cannabis strains will cause red eyes, cottonmouth, and increase appetite. Before consuming, make sure water, eye drops, and snacks are handy so you don’t go searching for them thoughtlessly (and without success) while high/stoned. Short-term memory loss is really a thing while consuming, so be prepared beforehand!

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