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About this Sativa Strain

Xanadu, a sativa cannabis strain, is named after the palace of Mongol emperor Kublai Khan. It produces a lovely scent reminiscent of sweet butter, blueberries, and vanilla. Its flavor is that of blueberry pie and lemony undertones. 

Xanadu receives its genetics from crossing four different strains: the indica South Asian, sativa Durban Poison, sativa Thai, and hybrid Cinderella 99. Some note it’s a combo of X-18 and DTC99.

THC levels average between 14-18% but have been known to sometimes be higher. Its high is immediate – stimulating the mind all the way up to Cloud 9. It will induce retrospection and deep-thought along with focus and motivation. Physically, it will slowly ease the body into a highly relaxed state, though it won’t cause sedation. It’s known to help with mood-swings, leveling out one’s attitude towards the world with calming, euphoric sensations. 

Ill side-effects include paranoia or anxiety. Xanadu will definitely cause such effects if higher doses are consumed, so novice consumers should take heed.

It takes about nine weeks for Xanadu to fully flower. 

Genetic Lineage

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Sativa Xanadu
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Sativa Thai
Thai Origin
African Origin