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About this Sativa Strain

Willie Nelson is a sativa cannabis strain named after the infamous country musician, who supposedly tried it and bought the entire first crop. It won Best Sativa in the ’05 Cannabis Cup. This strain bears a scent that’s both sweet and sour with a taste reminiscent of lemongrass. Some note undertones of pepper and/or pineapple. Harvest-ready buds are both dense and immense. 

Willie Nelson is the result of combining the genetics of the sativa Nepalese and sativa South Asian. 

THC levels of Will Nelson average at a high of 20-22%, so novice consumers should take heed. Its high is known for its ability to create a state of euphoria in the consumer while sparking creativity. The mind will remain clear, making this strain a great choice for consuming throughout the day while steering clear of adverse side-effects. 

Besides dry mouth and eyes which are to be expected, paranoia, headache, or dizziness may ensue if higher doses exceeding tolerance levels are consumed. 

It takes 11 weeks for Willie Nelson to fully flower, so this strain isn’t recommended for the impatient cultivator. 

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