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Red Haze is a sativa cannabis strain that has a history linked to the Colombian cannabis industry of the ‘70’s. Its taste is a mixture of mint and skunk, with undertones of fresh soil and a scent that matches. Its buds are a deep olive green in color with both violet and red hues amidst amber pistils.

To grow Red Haze, one must combine the genetics of the sativa Neville’s Haze and sativa South American.

THC levels average around 20-22%. Its high will provide a boost of energy in the consumer, simultaneously uplifting the spirits and allowing the mind to focus enough to get tasks completed quickly. However, it’s also known to place the consumer in a spacey, surreal state of mind depending on tolerance levels. It relaxes both the body and the mind, though mostly bares cerebral effects. It will leave you light-headed upon consumption, but pleasantly so.

Negative side-effects besides cottonmouth and dry eyes include dizziness and headache when higher doses are consumed.

It takes between 12-14 weeks for Red Haze to fully flower and isn’t recommended for the impatient cultivator.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Red Haze

What is Red Haze?

Red Haze is a cannabis strain known for its vibrant appearance and buzzing cerebral effects.

Where does Red Haze come from?

Red Haze is believed to be a cross of Nevilles Haze and Colombian Red.

What does Red Haze smell like?

The aroma of Red Haze is often described as a mix of sweetness, earthiness, and spice.

What does Red Haze taste like?

The flavor of Red Haze is a combination of sweetness and tropical fruit notes, with some herbal and woody undertones.

What color does Red Haze have?

Red Haze buds come in pale shades of green, sometimes with hints of red and orange pistils.

What effects does Red Haze have?

Red Haze is known for its cerebral effects, often providing an uplifting and creative high. Users may experience a boost in energy and enhanced focus.

Is Red Haze an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Red Haze is a sativa strain.