Red Congolese


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About this Sativa Strain

The sativa cannabis strain Red Congolese produces buds that smell and taste citrusy, spicy, and earthy. They’re mint green in color, fluffy, and have orangey red undertones – all of which are covered in syrupy resin.

The lineage of Red Congolese is currently debated, with some believing it’s a landrace strain of Africa and others believing it to be a combination of Mexican and Afghan genetics.

THC levels of Red Congolese average around 18-20%. Its high provides the consumer with energy, mental clarity, and a happy mindset that’s accompanied with a boost in creativity. Negative thoughts melt away, fatigue is eliminated, pain and headaches dissolve. It can be used throughout the day and has been known to treat nausea and tension. Some reviewers note this strain’s ability to induce small fits of the giggles.

Red Congolese is more likely to induce anxiousness if consumed improperly rather than cause dry eyes or mouth. Dizziness and paranoia have also been reported as ill side-effects.

Genetic Lineage