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About this Sativa Strain

Pandora’s Box is a sativa cannabis strain that smells of lemons and fresh earth, with sweet undertones and a flavor to match. Its buds are a deep green with slight hues of purple when ready for reaping.

Pandora’s Box is the daughter of the sativa Jack the Ripper and hybrid Space Queen. The evil and royal mix combined to help distinguish this strain’s name. TGA Subcool Seeds was the first to breed this strain.

The average THC level of Pandora’s Box is around 13/14% with highs reaching 19%. Its high is creates the typical sativa effects of supplying the consumer with energy and elevated, positive thoughts that help with creative endeavors. This strain will also invoke deep thought, with some falling into the confines of their own mind. Once the cerebral effects wear down the body then feels fatigued but relaxed, making this strain best used either in the afternoons or evenings after productive tasks have been completed. Some have noted its ability to bring about fits of the giggles. 

The negative side effects of Pandora’s Box include dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia if consumed improperly. 

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