G Stik Verde



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About this Sativa Strain

THC levels of this strain vary. It was created for those of us that are busy and on the go, producing a highthat calms and sooths the body and mind quickly, melting the stresses of the day away. It will triggerenough creativity and focus to keep your head level on the tasks set before you while offering a slightboost in energy. In larger doses, this strain will put you to bed easily with reviewers claiming it helpswith a good night’s sleep and refreshing morning.

Negative effects are the typical dry eyes and mouth, so if consuming on-th- go, be sure to have eye dropsand a bottle of water handy.


All “G Stik” hybrids were first created and bred under the care of G Farma Labs with their genetics
shrouded in mystery but their effects quite popularized. The “Stik” refers to the fact it’s sold as joints for
the on-the- go toker.

Genetic Lineage