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The Northern Lights #1 cannabis strain is a pure indica of Afghani origins. Reviewers say it provides a powerful sedative effect including a body-numbing relaxation that can very easily lead to restful sleep. The initial onset builds slowly and elevates one’s mood while relaxing cerebral activity and relieving the stress of the day according to those who have tried it.

Upon inspection you may notice a typical indica plant structure in the broad leaves and stocky nugs. The leaves are bright green and covered by a resinous trichome layer with orange pistils protruding from the first layer of flower.

Open the packaging and you are immediately confronted with citrus and pine aromas that alert the senses. You can pick up sweet and skunky notes as you smell it a second and third time. The smooth flavor skews toward citrusy and sweet on the inhale and is more earthy on the exhale while maintaining good flavor throughout.

Powerful and long-lasting, Northern Lights #1 has THC levels typically range from 15% to 22%. Examine the lab data and typically you will find abundant levels of myrcene, caryophyllene, and humulene.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Northern Lights #1

What is Northern Lights #1?

Northern Lights #1 is an indica cannabis strain with powerful long-lasting sedative and mood-elevating effects according to those who have tried it.

What does Northern Lights #1 mean?

Northern Lights #1 strain is the first batch created by seeds brought from the Pacific Northwest of America to the Netherlands where Neville Schoenmaker combined seeds to create Northern Lights #1 through #11.

Where does Northern Lights #1 come from?

Northern Lights seeds came to Neville Schoenmaker from the Northwest U.S. to the Netherlands where he crafted multiple Northern Lights strains that contribute to many of today’s best genetic plants.

What does Northern Lights #1 smell like?

Northern Lights #1 smells like citrus and pine with sweet and skunky notes.

What does Northern Lights #1 taste like?

Northern Lights #1 tastes sweet and citrusy with hints of pine and earth on the exhale.

What color does Northern Lights #1 have?

Northern Lights #1 is bright green and covered in a resinous layer of trichomes.

What effects does Northern Lights #1 have?

Northern Lights #1 is potent and long-lasting, providing the user with deep mind and body relaxation, some visual effects, and an overall sense of well-being according to reviewers.

Is Northern Lights #1 an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Northern Lights #1 is a pure indica cannabis strain of Afghani heritage.