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About this Indica Strain

Mr. OG is an indica cannabis strain that’s a phenotype of the infamously popular OG Kush. Its scent and flavor are reminiscent of gas with a tinge of skunk and sweet earth.

Its buds can be light and fluffy but this doesn’t mean it’s any less potent than a dense strain. Its light tones and bright orange pistils are easily recognizable while supporting a healthy layer of trichomes throughout its flowers.

Effects of Mr. OG have been described by it fans as being ideal for pain relief throughout the body as well as tension. Some have used Mr. OG to help get a good nights sleep as its indica effects can sometimes be potent enough to sedate. Others have used this strain to relax after a hard day’s work and unwind while zoning out to TV or video games.

THC levels of this strain can fluctuate, so check percentages before fashioning a serving for yourself.

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Mr. OG - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Mr. OG

Frequently Asked Questions About Mr. OG

What is Mr. OG?

Mr. OG is an indica strain that bears the general characteristics many indicas are known for. Reviewers enjoy feeling relaxed and pain-free while zoning out to movies or video games while using this strain and some fall asleep as sedation takes hold.

What does Mr. OG mean?

This strain’s name simply plays on how it’s a phenotype of OG Kush.

What does Mr. OG smell like?

The old-school scent of diesel and earth are apparent in this strain’s terpene profile.

What does Mr. OG taste like?

Diesel might linger on the palette after smoking or vaping this strain.

What does Mr. OG look like?

The cured nuggets of Mr. OG tend to be dense and covered with a thick layer of trichomes that lighten its darker tones.

What does Mr. OG's effects feel like?

Mr. OG has been described by reviewers as being a supurb strain for feeling relaxed and pain-free while zoning out to movies or video games. Some have used it to get a great night’s sleep as it sometimes brings about sedation.

Where does Mr. OG come from?

Mr. OG is a phenotype of OG Kush.