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About this Indica Strain

LA Ultra is an indica cannabis strain that emits a fruity yet spicy scent, producing a flavor that’s similar to diesel and/or chemicals. 

LA Ultra first blossomed under the care of Resin Seeds, who have kept the genetics of this strain a secret. However, breeders from the business have hinted that the parent strains could be LA Confidential and MK Ultra. 

The THC level of LA Ultra is high, ranging between 19%-23% and making this strain highly potent. Its high has been described as being trippy, and can sometimes enhance creativity if consumed correctly. However, its mostly known to cause sleepiness, making it best to consumed in the evenings/at night. It will relax both the mind and body, increasing euphoria as well as the munchies – so have snacks at hand. 

The negative side-effect of this strain is mainly dry mouth. For novice consumers, it can cause slight bouts of paranoia or induce heavy drowsiness so starting slow is suggested. 

It takes between seven and eight weeks for LA Ultra to flower. 

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 19%-23%

Genetic Lineage

LA Ultra - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica LA Ultra