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The pure indica strain JT15 smells pine and fresh soil with undertones of spices and a similar taste. Its buds are shaped like small pebbles and a deep green in color, with lightly hued amber pistils.

JT15’s genetics are thought to be from an infamous Kush strain, though exact roots remain unknown.

THC levels of this strain can average between 13%-19%, so checking a crop’s potency is ideal before consuming to evaluate tolerance. This indica strain will couch-lock the consumer soon after consumption, putting the mind in a state of sedation and relaxing the muscles. The high of JT15 is known to be long-lasting. Reviewers have described its high as dream-like, as if existing within one’s own mind and watching the rest of the world float by like a movie. Others have noted its ability to enhance creativity, though an indica.

The negative effects of JT15 are the usual cottonmouth and eyes. Crops with higher THC levels, or if consumed in higher doses, will leave the consumer with a chance of feeling either paranoia or anxiety. 

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Indica JT15