Holland's Hope


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About this Indica Strain

Holland’s Hope is an indica cannabis strain that was bred specifically for harsh outdoor conditions. Its harvest-ready buds are large and light green with violet/brown pistils and an icy layer of trichomes. Its scent is of sweet citrus while its flavor is spicy and slightly sour.

This strain’s parents are currently unclear. Holland’s Hope first blossomed under the care of White Label Seed Company (partner to Sensi Seeds).

THC levels of this strain average at 15%. Its high will melt away the culminated stresses of the week, relieving the consumer of stress, insomnia, depression, pain, and anxiety. Expect an increase in appetite, so have snacks at hand. This strain is best consumed at night because of its sedating effects, but expect a few bouts of the giggles before falling into a deep sleep.

Besides dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, headache, and dizziness may occur if consuming over tolerance levels.

It takes between seven and eight weeks to fully flower, having the ability to grow in both humid, arid, hot, and cold environments. Therefore, this strain is a great choice for novice cultivators or those that enjoy experimenting with outdoor/indoor growth. Holland’s Hope is known to be resilient to fungus.

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