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The Zeta Sage cannabis strain is a stinky sativa-dominant hybrid that’s gained popularity for its purportedly psychoactive effects. Its lineage stems from crossing the OG Kush strain with SAGE, or Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. You might know that the term “zeta” means last or after, so this strain came after, or as a result, of the SAGE strain. The Zeta Sage strain produces buds made up of long and wavy forest-green leaves that appear lime-green due to an abundance of trichomes. About one-third of the buds’ surface area is covered with bundles of long orange pistils. Its trichomes occasionally appear amber.

Opening a jar of Zeta Sage might stink up the whole house, as It smells like pungent blueberries and sports-creme mixed with heavy diesel fumes. Smoking it amplifies the sour blueberry flavor and leaves a spicy sage tingle on the palette.

Users have reported that the Zeta Sage strain is a bit deceptive in that a high is felt instantaneously. But then its potency begins to appear, slowly intensifying as time passes. Consumers say they were still able to think profound thoughts and make connections accordingly. Some experienced enhanced creativity. Others said Zeta Sage helped eliminate pain and discomfort.

Zeta Sage THC levels tend to average between 20 and 28%, so be sure to check out your batches level before consuming.

Genetic Lineage

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