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Also known as "Yoda Kush" or "Yoda OG Kush" Yoda, is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that is a descendant of the famous strain OG Kush and is named after the powerful Jedi, Master Yoda. It has fluffy light green buds that are clustered together like a vine of grapes. It is covered in vibrant orange pistils and thick caking of white trichomes which glue everything together.

When broken apart, Yoda's earthy aroma is herbal with a sharp bite of citrus. Its flavor is an exaggeration of its aroma with Yoda tasting of sharp bitter citrus, pinewood, and pungent sour skunk. It finishes with a spicy aftertaste.

Consumers of Yoda say it has slow-building effects that soon take hold of the body and exudes a wonderful experience of pure joy that make people ecstatic. Uncontrollable laughter has been reported when consuming Yoda as many say they find any reason to laugh. As the initial euphoric wave settles the effects of Yoda move into the body where people note their body tingles with heightened sensitivity as they melt into the couch. Yoda has been said to have powerful sedative qualities so be prepared to get comfortable.

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Yoda - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Yoda

Frequently Asked Questions About Yoda

What is Yoda?

Yoda is a heavy indica-dominant hybrid named after the powerful jedi, Master Yoda.

Where does Yoda come from?

Yoda is a descendant of the famous OG Kush strain.

What does Yoda smell like?

Yoda has sharp citrus, sour earthy and spicy pepper aromas.

What Yoda taste like?

Yoda tastes of Citrus, skunk, pinewood and spice.

What color does Yoda have?

Yoda has light green buds, bright orange pistils and white trichomes.

What effects does Yoda have?

Yoda has blissful and mood elevating effects that transition into a deeply relaxing body high.

Is Yoda an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Yoda is an indica-dominant hybrid.