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Wifi represents a sort of freedom. Freedom from the restriction of cords that bind, tangle, or limit movement. The Wifi #3 cannabis strain reputedly severs all ties binding or restricting thoughts. This potent masterpiece comes from the gurus at Dicot Farms out in Waldorf, Maryland. Originally called White Fire OG, Wifi #3 is a cross between Fire OG and The White.

Wifi #3 THC levels can test up to 28%, so buckle up and prepare to be catapulted into another dimension of reality.

Along with its potency, the other remarkable thing about the Wifi #3 strain is its visual appeal. Magnificent bright lime and neon-green nuggets are decorated heavily with long and

wavy fluorescent-orange pistils. The thick coat of trichome hairs gives the buds an amber outline, making them look furry.

When breaking these potent nuggets, gasoline fumes are released as well as skunk and citrus odors. Smoking or vaping Wifi #3 unleashes a spicy lemon-pepper flavor.

As reviewers have noted, intense cerebral euphoria hits immediately when consumed. Thoughts sped up into vivid and colorful daydreams along with a surplus of energy. Focusing this energy was difficult for many reviewers as one golden idea morphed into another and another. Users also reported an enhanced sensitivity of the senses. This had the potential to make things like music, food, and sex more enjoyable. The numbing body buzz allowed ease of movement for some with chronic pain.

Genetic Lineage

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Hybrid Wifi #3
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Frequently Asked Questions About Wifi #3

What is Wifi #3?

Wifi #3 is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain known for its potency and stunning visual beauty. Reviewers have experienced cerebral euphoria, daydreams, energy, newfound ideas, and enhanced senses.

What does Wifi #3 mean?

In this case, it means Fire OG strain was crossed with The White.

Where does Wifi #3 come from?

Wifi #3 comes from Dicot Farms out in Waldorf, Maryland. It was made by crossing Fire OG with The White.

What does Wifi #3 smell like?

Wifi #3 smells like diesel fuel and skunk with hints of citrus.

What does Wifi #3 taste like?

This strain tastes like gasoline and skunk with a lemon-pepper aftertaste.

What color does Wifi #3 have?

The Wifi #3 buds are made up of fluorescent and lime-green wavy leaves with thick patches of long orange pistils streaking throughout. The coat of amber trichome hairs makes the buds look furry.

What effects does Wifi #3 have?

The intense cerebral euphoria hits immediately when consumed according to reviewers. Thoughts sped up for them into vivid and colorful daydreams along with a surplus of energy.

Is Wifi #3 an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Wifi #3 is a sativa-dominant hybrid, approximately 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.