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About this Hybrid Strain

Super Silver LA is a hybrid cannabis strain that some users note they have found comforting because after consuming it they experienced a tranquil state of mind and body. Some noted light pains dissipating while others say they’ve enjoyed it to remove negativity from their thoughts.

THC levels of this strain tend to fluctuate, so be sure to check your batch’s before fashioning a serving for yourself.

This strain’s genetics are currently unknown, though its name hints at a parent being Super Silver Haze.

The buds of this strain tend to be packed with trichomes and quite dense with winding orange pistils. It emits an aroma that can be skunky with undertones of lemons or lime.

Genetic Lineage

Frequently Asked Questions About Super Silver LA

What is Super Silver LA?

Super Silver LA is hybrid cannabis strain

What does Super Silver LA smell like?

The scent of this strain can be pungent, emitting an aroma similar to skunk with traces of citrus.

What does Super Silver LA taste like?

A hint of earthen skunk lingers on the palette as an aftertaste.

What does Super Silver LA look like?

Super Silver LA’s cured nuggets are packed with trichomes and orange winding pistils.

What does Super Silver LA feel like?

This strain has been described by reviewers as being calming for both body and mind as anxiety and tension dissipate. Some have noted a tingling sensation or “body buzz”.