Sticky B


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About this Hybrid Strain

The buds of Sticky B have various shades of green combined with hues of purple and golden yellow hairs winding their way throughout. Trichomes are abundant, and they’re resinous and sticky, just as the name indicates. The aroma of this strain is slightly sweet while its taste is even sweeter with undertones of earth and musk.

Sticky B is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, having around 90% indica genetics. Because of its ability to sedate, consumers say it’s best to consume this strain in the evenings or at night. They recommend to try this strain after strenuous exercise to gain post-workout relief. Just make sure you don’t have any important tasks to handle after consuming this one, because you won’t want to move a muscle.

Genetic Lineage

Sticky B - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Sticky B