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This celestial strain has brought some of its reviewers a spacey but imaginative high, one that increases appetite and allows both mind and body to relax into a creative calm that eliminates pain, as they’ve explained. Some consumers have said Starfire helps with anxiety and may improve their mood as stresses melt away.

The taste of Starfire can be a bit sour, though it may offer hints of fruit, pine, and spice detected on an extended inhale. The taste doesn’t stray from its scent, and its cured buds hold medium density beneath a sparkling array of trichomes.

THC levels tend to vary with this strain depending on the cultivation and curing techniques used, so be sure to adjust your serving appropriately. It receives its diverse genetics from crossing Northern Lights with Jack Herer.

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Hybrid Star Fire
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Indica Afghani
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Frequently Asked Questions About Star Fire

What is Star Fire?

Starfire, the strain and not the Teen Titan, is a hybrid that is reputed to increase appetite, calm nerves, induce creativity, and offer the consumer pain relief.  

What does Star Fire mean?

This strain’s name possibly comes from the idea that it may place the consumer’s mind in the stars, so to speak, offering them beautiful and creative vibes while acting as a fire strain (i.e. a great strain that produces an enjoyable high). Its name also stems from the fact that one of its parents is Northern Lights, another celestial term. 

What are the THC levels of Star Fire?

THC levels of this strain can change depending on how it’s been cultivated and cured.

What does Star Fire smell like?

The scent of Star Fire is slightly fruity, with sour spices and piney earth intermingled. 

What does Star Fire taste like?

The taste of Star Fire is a mix of pine and sour fruits that become more enhanced on the exhale. 

What does Star Fire look like?

The pinecone-shaped cured buds of Star Fire have medium density and a coating of trichomes that lighten its green flowers.

What does Star Fire's effects feel like?

Effects have been described as eliminating anxiety while improving creativity, bringing calm to the mind and body, and inducing appetite.  

Where does Star Fire come from?

Star Fire comes from crossing Northern Lights with Jack Herer.