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What better strain to try than one named in honor of the infamous Snoop Dogg? Snoop Master Kush is a cross between the rap artist’s two favorite strains of Blue Dream and Master Kush. It’s an indica dominant strain that can have high THC percentages so reviewers note that novice consumers should take heed with any strain endorsed by the veteran consumer Snoop. However, if indulged in at the right tolerance levels, beginners purportedly can enjoy this strain’s pleasant effects.

Users report Snoop Master Kush creates a relaxing sensation in the mind, allowing thoughts to slow to sometimes become more contemplative. It’s easy on the body and won’t create a couch-lock effect. Instead, they say it simply allows the body to enjoy a sensation of utter ease and contentment. You can use Snoop Master Kush during the day as it won’t hinder your cerebral activity too dramatically according to reviewers.

As soon as you open your package of Snoop Master Kush, a sweet and delicious berry aroma will fill your lungs. It also has hints of spices which can be tasted on the exhale. The buds of this strain are long and minty green in color with burnt orange pistils and a light dusting of frosty trichomes. Those who have tried this strain recommend not to take big hits as it can sometimes be harsh on the throat and lungs. Using a vaporizer may ease the discomfort it can create during consumption.

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