Red Poison

THC: 14-16% CBD: <1% Nighttime

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About this Hybrid Strain

With the recent changes in marijuana legislation, the popularity of smaller autoflowering cannabis plants has been on the rise. These plants can be grown in relatively small indoor grow rooms and are overall faster and simpler to grow. Red Poison is one of those strains.

Brought to you by Sweet Seeds out of Spain, this strain is an indica-dominant, ruderalis cut. Ruderalis is a type of cannabis plant that is shorter in stature with higher CBD and lower THC levels. Most importantly, it is autoflowering. This means that the flowering happens automatically over time, not as a result of exposure to sunlight. This can help keep things simple for novice cultivators. Red Poison was made by taking the offspring of an unknown Ruderalis plant crossed with Hindu Kush and mating it with the ever popular and award winning Indica-dominant, Green Poison.

Red Poison buds are full and fluffy, and can be spade, heart, and peanut shaped. They have a generous array of bright-orange pistils scattered throughout the buds. The leaves are coiled and can be of a shamrock-green color or entirely purple. This happens when the anthocyanins, or flavonoid that gives rise to the red/purple pigment, becomes activated in plants exposed to lower temperatures and to soil with a lower PH.

Red Poison has a pleasant odor of cedar and skunk with hints of citrus fruits. Smoking or vaping this strain amplifies the sweet citrus flavor reminiscent of sugary candy.

As users have reported, Red Poison induces a euphoric high. It reportedly boosts mood, making it a great stress-reliever. Uplifted spirits and a reduction in anxiety are frequently described from Red Poison. This indica leaning herb reportedly has soothing and physical relieving effects on the muscles and joints. The moderate THC content will help from overwhelming users with low tolerances, or those who are prone to panic attacks. This analgesic effect can also help in relaxing the smooth muscles of the intestines, and thus helps to stimulate appetite.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 14-16%
CBD: <1%


The parents of this strain are a cross between the two indicas Green Poison and Hindu Kush. It’s auto-flowering, a trait stemming from its Pakistani landrace genetics (Hindu Kush). Red Poison first blossomed under the care of Sweet Seeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Red Poison

What is Red Poison?

Red Poison is smaller auto-flowering indica-hybrid strain that is smooth and visually beautiful.

Where does Red Poison come from?

Red Poison comes from Sweet Seeds out of Spain and has a Ruderalis lineage crossed with Hindu Kush making it a smaller plant with dense buds.

What does Red Poison smell like?

Red Poison emits scents of wood with a pungent skunk aroma. It has undertones of sweet citrus and grape.

What does Red Poison taste like?

Red Poison has a fruitier and sweet flavor that is followed by a spicier woodsy flavor on backend.

What color does Red Poison have?

Red Poison is a colorful strain that can vary in color. It is vibrant green with an abundant amount of long red pistils but depending on the temperature of curing can be green with highlights of purple or entirely purple. What doesn't change is its abundance of red pisitils and frosty coating of trichromes.

What effects does Red Poison have?

Red Poison like its name has effects that creep up on you. Consumers have stated that sometimes it takes 15-20 minutes before the array of effects are felt. They describe the feelings start in their face as many report a tingling sensation that makes them flush. They then notice a rush of euphoria as their mood elevates and visual perception becomes more sensitive. Red Poison has been described by many to have psychedelic properties.

Is Red Poison an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Red Poison is an indica-dominant hybrid.