Red Berry Cherry

THC: 15% CBD: 2% Nighttime

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About this Hybrid Strain

The perfectly balanced hybrid cannabis strain Red Cherry Berry produces buds that emit a sweet odor reminiscent of berries and soil, with a flavor to match. Its buds are various hues of greens with amber pistils poking out all over – and from a slight distance, the hues take on a reddish color.

The THC levels of this strain average at 15%, and CBD levels are slightly higher than the norm, resting at around 2%. Its high begins with increased cerebral activity, placing the consumer in a light euphoria. It extends to the body after several minutes, relaxing the muscles and allowing the pains and aches of the day to dissipate. Focus and motivation increase, allowing this strain to help pursue daily tasks if tolerance is known and heeded to. However, the end of Red Cherry Berry’s high will result in a couch-lock and sleepiness, esp. if higher doses are consumed.

Ill side-effects include dizziness and headache when too much is consumed. Dry eyes are normal.

It takes between nine and ten weeks for Red Cherry Berry to fully flower.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 15%
CBD: 2%


Parent strains of Red Cherry Berry are a cross between the sativa Skunk #1 and North American Indica, with some believing it to be a cross between Skunk #1 and Cherry Bomb. It first blossomed under the care of Barney’s Farms.

Genetic Lineage