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Poison hybrid cannabis strain should be reserved for daytime use because of its stimulating and energizing effects according to those who have tried it. Cerebral activity increases immediately, and reviewers share that physical sensation follows often leading to some kind of pleasant body movement while a peaceful calmness washes over the mind and body. The Poison experience is one of dichotomies with the energy and the calmness.

When you examine the buds, you will first notice the varied green hues intertwined like two plants got twisted together. Orange pistils tend to cover more of each nug than trichomes making for a colorful tapestry that is visually appealing.

This popular strain reveals a mixed aroma of pine, sweetness, pungent notes, and wood. The flavor on the inhale is smooth and piney with hints of sweet followed by a mellow exhale with notes of earthiness.

As a powerful and pungent strain, Poison boasts THC percentage levels in the low twenties. Terpene hunters will see higher levels of pinene and ocimene present.

Genetic Lineage

Poison - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Poison

Frequently Asked Questions About Poison

What is Poison?

Poison is a hybrid cannabis strain with a stimulating and cerebrally energizing effect while at the same time providing calm relaxation according to those who have tried it.

What does Poison mean?

Poison is a hybrid cannabis strain coming from the Poison lineage.

Where does Poison come from?

Poison cannabis strain gets its name from the Poison heritage contributing to its genetics.

What does Poison smell like?

Poison strain smells like pine and woods with sweet and pungent notes.

What does Poison taste like?

Poison cannabis strain tastes sweet with smooth pine followed by an earthy exhale.

What color does Poison have?

Poison strain has varied hues of green covered by orange pistils and a light touch of trichome crystals.

What effects does Poison have?

Poison cannabis strain is said to be stimulating and energizing, leading to movement or creativity while also providing underlying calm relaxation.

Is Poison an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Poison is a hybrid cannabis strain.