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Peach Horchata is a refreshing evenly-balanced hybrid strain that captures the essence of the popular Mexican beverage. Its a cross of Mochi Gelato and Jet Fuel Gelato and offers a cannabis experience that is both satisfying and calming. The medium to large buds of Peach Horchata are are dense and chunky. They have vibrant green, light orange and purple colors, and a smattering of curly orange pistils. The buds are caked in a coating of dense, sticky white trichomes.

Peach Horchata has a sweet, fruity scent comparable to fresh peaches, with hints of tropical fruit and a subtle creamy undertone. Its flavor is a similar fusion of juicy peaches, creamy vanilla and hints of cinnamon.

Peach Horchata has been reported to provide a relaxing and soothing high that is perfect for unwinding and relieving stress. Some have shared their body buzzes with relaxation and tranquility as their mind quiets from the racing thoughts and spaces out. It is an undeniably calming strain perfect for the late afternoon or evening.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Peach Horchata

What is Peach Horchata?

Peach Horchata is a refreshing hybrid strain known for its sweet and fruity flavor profile.

Where does Peach Horchata come from?

Peach Horchata is a cross of Mochi Gelato and Jet Fuel Gelato.

What does Peach Horchata smell like?

Peach Horchata carries a sweet and fruity aroma reminiscent of ripe peaches. It often features notes of juicy peaches, tropical fruits and a hint of creaminess.

What does Peach Horchata taste like?

Peach Horchata offers a flavor that mirrors its aroma. It provides a sweet and fruity taste with distinct peach notes. The flavor is often accompanied by creamy undertones and hints of cinnamon.

What color does Peach Horchata have?

Peach Horchata buds are vibrant green and can have hints of purple and orange. The buds are dense, chunky and coated in a layer of white resinous trichomes, making them a sticky.

What effects does Peach Horchata have?

Peach Horchata is known for its calming effects that offer both mental relaxation and physical comfort. It is shared to provide a euphoric state, promoting relaxation, stress relief, and a positive mindset. Simultaneously, it provides a buzzing body high that soothes tension and eases physical discomfort.

Is Peach Horchata an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Peach Horchata is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain.