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Noriega is a rare indica-dominant hybrid strain with above average THC levels. Its believed to be named after the vibrant neighborhood in San Francisco. The buds of Noriega are dense, fat and commonly come in a combination of vibrant green and deep purple colors. The flowers have burnt-orange pistils and are caked in amber trichomes.

Noriega has a sweet and earthy aroma with hints of pine, citrus and floral undertones. Its flavor is similar with a sweet citrus taste that is accompanied by hints of pine and earthiness. Its aftertaste is pleasantly spicy.

Those who have tried Noriega say it offers a balanced high that combines mental energy with a soothing physical relaxation. People have shared that their mood elevates as they burst with happiness and euphoria while stil remaining clear-minded. Some note feeling more social and creative.

Genetic Lineage

Noriega - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Noriega

Frequently Asked Questions About Noriega

What is Noriega?

Noriega is a known for its colorful buds and balanced effects.

Where does Noriega come from?

Noriega has a lineage that currently remains a mystery.

What does Noriega smell like?

Noriega has earthy and herbal aroma, with some mentioning a slight skunk scent. It has hints of citrus and sweetness.

What does Noriega taste like?

Noriega has earthy, skunky and herbal flavors which make it robust. It has undertones of citrus, pine and sweetness. It finishes with a nice spice bite.

What color does Noriega have?

Noriega buds come in a variety of colors but they often exhibit darker shades of green, with highlights ranging from yellow to dark purple. the buds are outfitted with burn-orange pistils and a thick coating of amber trichomes.

What effects does Noriega have?

Noriega is described as having a blend of uplifting effects. It offers a mild euphoric high that boosts creativity, happiness and the desire for human interaction. Additionally, it is said to provide a blissful state of relaxation where many find relief from stress and tension.

Is Noriega an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Noriega is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.