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When the term medical cannabis is used, Night Nurse strain should come to mind. Consumers who have tried it note the sedative effects are so powerful that it’s recommended for at home use and specifically for aiding with sleep.

The buzz from Night Nurse creeps in slowly, first with a cerebral high that eases stress and lifts the mood according to reviewers. They note the cerebral effect spreads to envelope the entire body while motivating you to find a place to lie down and enjoy the buzzing numbness. Consumers also shared that you’re almost certain to fall asleep if you’re lying down.

Bright pine green leaves give the Night Nurse flower a rich visual appeal with orange pistils sprouting all over and a very light frosting of trichomes. Take a deep inhale of the flower and you will smell coffee and earth with floral hints. Ironic since this strain is so sedative, the coffee smell continues as the dominant flavor on inhale with notes of spice on the exhale.

Terpenes like myrcene and caryophyllene are present in high levels in this strain and THC levels can vary dramatically depending where you find your product. Regardless of what the THC content measures, reviewers say this strain will lay you out.

Genetic Lineage

Night Nurse - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Night Nurse
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Frequently Asked Questions About Night Nurse

What is Night Nurse?

Night Nurse is a hybrid cannabis strain with indica-leaning qualities and an intensely powerful sedative buzz according to reviewers.

What does Night Nurse mean?

Night Nurse strain presumably earned its name because of its reported sedative and healing qualities.

Where does Night Nurse come from?

Night Nurse strain comes from a three-way genetic mix of strains Harmony, Fire Kush, and BC Hashplant.

What does Night Nurse smell like?

Night Nurse smells like coffee with floral and spice hints.

What does Night Nurse taste like?

Night Nurse tastes strongly of coffee with a hint of spice and earth on the exhale.

What color does Night Nurse have?

Night Nurse flower is a rich green color with orange pistils all over and a light trichome frost.

What effects does Night Nurse have?

Night Nurse creeps in subtly, first with a cerebral buzz that spreads to the body and lasts until you drift off to sleep according to those who have tried it.

Is Night Nurse an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Night Nurse is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain.