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Nepalese Hashplant is an exotic indica-dominant hybrid that combines the rich heritage of Nepalese landrace strain with the classic qualities of Hashplant, resulting in a captivating and powerful cannabis experience. The buds of Nepalese Hashplant are dense and resinous. They usually come in darker shades of green, occasionally with highlights of purple with fiery orange pistils woven throughout.

Nepalese Hashplant has an earthy and spicy aroma with herbal and incense-like accents. Its rich flavor is earthy and spicy, with hints of sandalwood and hashish, and sweet highlights.

Those who have enjoyed Nepalese Hashplant say it is deeply relaxing and calming. Many describe feeling a sense of peacefulness that replaces any stress, worries or anxiety. They say it has pain-relieving qualities and is commonly used for relaxation and meditation, as a way to find connection to the spiritual side of cannabis.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nepalese Hashplant

What is Nepalese Hashplant?

Nepalese Hashplant is a potent and resinous cannabis strain known for its rich hash-like aroma and strong effects.

Where does Nepalese Hashplant come from?

Nepalese Hashplant is a cross of Nepalese landrace strain and Hashplant.

What does Nepalese Hashplant smell like?

Nepalese Hashplant has a robust hash-like aroma that is accompanied by hints of earthiness, woodiness and spice.

What does Nepalese Hashplant taste like?

Nepalese Hashplant has spicy and hash-like flavors, akin to savoring traditional Nepalese hashish. These flavors are complemented by earthy and woody undertones.

What color does Nepalese Hashplant have?

Nepalese Hashplant's buds come in dark shades of green, often with highlights of deep purple or blue, mirroring the colors of the Nepalese landscape. A generous coating of sticky and white trichomes covers the buds as reddish pistils weave throughout them.

What effects does Nepalese Hashplant have?

Nepalese Hashplant offers a deeply relaxing and sedating high that provides a strong sense of physical tranquility and calmness. The high is characterized by a potent body stone and a dreamy, euphoric state of mind. It's an excellent choice for unwinding after a long day, relieving pain, or addressing insomnia.

Is Nepalese Hashplant an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Nepalese Hashplant is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.