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Meatloaf is a rare indica-dominant hybrid strain that offers a unique and satisfying experience. If you're seeking mental relaxation, physical relief, or simply a distinctive cannabis experience, Meatloaf may provide what you're looking for. The buds of Meatloaf are fluffy, dense, rounded and usually come in minty-green hues. The nugs can have purple undertones or hints of dark shades, depending on how they are grown and cured. The flowers have reddish-orange pistils and thick coating of amber trichomes that glues everything together in a compact way.

Breaking open a nug of Meatloaf releases a pungent and earthy scent, with hints of spices or herbs. It has detectable notes of sweetness and fruitiness, which add a light and fresh layer to the aroma. When consumed, Meatloaf offers a flavor that reflects its aroma. It blesses the taste buds with a combination of earthy and herbal flavors, with hints of sweetness and spice. Its flavor is complex, dynamic and enjoyable.

Fans of Meatloaf have stated that it delivers a well-rounded and relaxing high. The effects are said to build as the experience lifts off with a calming and uplifting sensation. Users report experiencing a sense of euphoria and mental relaxation, which can help alleviate stress and promote a positive mood. As the journey progresses, Meatloaf is said to slow things down as the body sinks into a state of relaxation. The physical effects are often described as soothing and sedating, providing relief from muscle tension or physical discomfort. Some users experience a pleasant body melt that encourages deep restful sleep while others just space out in a blissful daydream.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Meatloaf

What is Meatloaf?

Meatloaf is a rare indica-leaning hybrid strain recognized for its distinctive characteristics and flavor profile.

Where does Meatloaf come from?

Meatloaf has an lineage currently unknown.

What does Meatloaf smell like?

Meatloaf exudes a combination of earthiness, skunkiness and hints of spice. It has detectable notes of sweet and savory scents.

What does Meatloaf taste like?

Meatloaf has a taste that includes earthy, skunky and spicy flavors. It has subtle undertones of sweetness, herbs, and savory flavors.

What color does Meatloaf have?

Meatloaf commonly features minty shades of green with vibrant reddish pistils scattered throughout the buds. The nugs are dense, rounded and can have highlights of purple or blue. Its heavy layer of resin trichomes adds to its compact build.

What effects does Meatloaf have?

Meatloaf has well-rounded effects that provide mental stimulation and physical relaxation. Many note first feeling a wave of euphoria that is pleasant and calming. In the body they describe feeling tranquil, sedated and free from discomfort. Meatloaf is loved for the range of effects it provides.

Is Meatloaf an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Meatloaf is an indica-leaning hybrid strain.