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Master Widow is an indica-dominant hybrid with impressive resin production that is loved for its calming properties, making it a popular choice for those seeking relaxation and stress relief. Master Widow buds are dense, tightly packed, medium to large in size and come in deep shades of green with occasional hints of purple. The buds have thin rust-orange pistils and are generously coated in a thick layer of white trichomes that glues everything together.

Master Widow emits a rich and earthy aroma with many detecting notes of wood, spices and musk, along with sweeter highlights. When consumed, its taste is a combination of earthy and woody flavors, with subtle hints of sweetness. The taste is often described as mellow and balanced.

Fans have reported that Master Widow provides a calming and relaxing experience that eases one's mind and body. They describe feeling content and tranquil, as stress, anxiety and tension completetly dissolve. Many have also said this strain encourages restful slumber so it is best enjoyed in the evening before bedtime.

Genetic Lineage

White Widow - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid White Widow
Brazilian Origin
Indian Origin

Frequently Asked Questions About Master Widow

What is Master Widow?

Master Widow is a cannabis strain renowned for its potent effects and its ability to induce a deep state of relaxation. It is known for its strong and long-lasting high.

Where does Master Widow come from?

Master Widow is believed to be a cross of White Widow and Master Kush.

What does Master Widow smell like?

Master Widow carries a distinct aroma that is often described as earthy and pungent. It may also have hints of sweetness and spice, with some floral undertones.

What does Master Widow taste like?

Master Widow has a woody and earthy taste, with subtle hints of sweetness and spice. It has mild notes of pine and citrus.

What color does Master Widow have?

Master Widow buds come in shades of deep green, with rust-orange pistils scattered throughout the flower. The buds are caked in a heavy frosting of white trichomes which glue everything together and makes the buds super sticky.

What effects does Master Widow have?

Master Widow has long-lasting effects that are deeply relaxing and calming throughout the body, making it suitable for easing stress, tension and promoting sleep. The strain is also known to provide a sense of euphoria and uplifted mood. While it may have some mild cerebral effects, Master Widow provides a mostly physical experience that is sedating.

Is Master Widow an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Master Widow is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.