Lemon OG

THC: 22% CBD: <1% Nighttime

Taste & Smell


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About this Hybrid Strain

The cone-shaped buds of Lemon OG may only be moderately covered in trichomes, but the abundance of deep orange and brown pistils almost makes up for it. Lemon OG’s scent is highly distinguishable, being lemony of course, but also having that skunky accent that OG strains are known to produce. Despite its overpowering and sometimes soury scent, its taste is much sweeter and can surprise users on the exhale.

THC levels of Lemon OG commonly rest around the low 20’s. It tends to have higher levels of the terpene beta caryophyllene, which in some studies, has been linked to similar effects of cannabinol or CBN. Beta caryophyllene may contribute to the “body buzz” sensation that many consumers talk about, as it interacts synergistically with other terpenes and compounds in the human body to relieve pain and inflammation.

This may be why many Lemon OG enthusiasts have reported the strain’s potential in relieving both pain and inflammation, sometimes resulting in better sleep or reduced stress. Some that try this strain have report a better mindset as stress-filled thoughts or anxiety unrelated to pain are alleviated. Still others have used Lemon OG to help with nausea or to increase appetite. Lemon OG may also have potential to help those that suffer from appetite loss due to pharmaceutical use.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 22%
CBD: <1%
CBN: 0.7%
THCV: 0.1%
Δ8-THC: <0.1%
CBDV: <0.1%
CBD-A: 0.2%
CBC: 1.2%
Terpene Lab Data
Terpene Amount
Alpha Pinene: 0.28%
Beta Caryophyllene: 0.22%
Beta Myrcene: 0.21%
Alpha Humulene: 0.19%
Limonene: 0.19%
Linalool: 0.13%
Terpinolene: 0.08%


Lemon OG is a cross of The OG #18 and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk, and it can reach as high as 22% THC if grown correctly.

Genetic Lineage

Lemon OG - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Lemon OG
Lemon Skunk - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Lemon Skunk
Skunk #1 - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Skunk #1
Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin
Sativa Thai
Thai Origin
Skunk #1 - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Skunk #1
Hybrid Citral
OG #18 - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid OG #18
OG Kush - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid OG Kush
Hindu Kush - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Hindu Kush
Sativa Lemon Thai
Chemdawg - Sativa Cannabis Strain
Sativa Chemdawg
Nepalese Origin
Thai Origin