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Named after the traditional Mardis Gras and Carnival dessert, King Cake is a well-balanced hybrid known for its delicious scent and taste. Its both sweet and tropical, often mimicking pineapple or cotton candy. When broken up, King Cake can smell a bit spicy or peppery, which hints at its lineage.

This strain is a genetic cross between Granddaddy Purple and Mystic Gem, giving King Cake its enticing terpene profile. The buds of King Cake can sometimes be as colorful as the confection as it has deep greens and hues of purple with golden pistils and a sprinkle of trichomes.

Those that have tried King Cake say they have enjoyed it for its potential in driving creative thinking or focusing on the moment. Its cerebral effects have been described as fun and pleasant, while stresses are lifted and anxiety dissipates. Some have used King Cake to relieve social anxiety as conversations become intriguing and speaking one’s mind is no longer an issue. Because it’s a hybrid, there have also been physical effects described by fans of this strain such as a light body buzz or a comfortable wave of relaxation.

King Cake becomes popular around February and March, when Mardis Gras and Carnival take place because of its link to the baked sweet cakes that come with green, purple, yellow and white icing which reflect the colors of the cannabis strain.

THC levels of King Cake have been averaging in the low to mid 20’s, while CBD levels remain below 1%.

Genetic Lineage

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