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The indica-dominant hybrid strain, dubbed Josh D OG Kush, produces incredibly frosty buds that are thick and smell of diesel or rubber. Despite this pungent scent, its flavor is somewhat sweet but can resemble that of burnt wood. In 2016, it won the SoCal Cannabis Cup’s 3rd place award for Best Medical Indica Concentrate.

Josh D OG Kush has been used by reviewers for helping ease body pains, inflammation, cramps, muscle spasms, and even nausea according to their reports. For some, it has a sedative quality that has helped them get sleep on restless nights. Consumers have also reported this strain can be fun for watching movies or binge-watching TV shows.

THC levels tend to vary quite a bit, so check the batches percentages in the dispensary before purchasing.

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CBD: <1%


This strain was developed by a cultivator named Josh D, who claims this is one of the original OG Kushes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Josh D OG Kush

What is Josh D OG Kush?

Josh D OG Kush is an award-winning Indica Dominant Hybrid strain that consumers enjoy for its sedative and soothing effects.

What does Josh D OG Kush mean?

This strain was named after its breeder Josh D, who in 1996 received an OG Kush clipping and cultivated it using indoor by using hydroponics.

Where does Josh D OG Kush come from?

The Josh D OG Kush is a phenotype of OG Kush.

What does Josh D OG Kush smell like?

Breaking apart the buds of Josh D OG Kush will release a sharp petrol aroma with faint hints of rubber in its undertone.

What does Josh D OG Kush taste like?

The taste of Josh D OG Kush is unique and sweet, having a savory wood undertone on the exhale.

What color does Josh D OG Kush have?

The conical buds of Josh D OG Kush produce flowers that are olive green and coated in frosty white trichomes and burnt orange pistils.

What effects does Josh D OG Kush have?

The effects of Josh D OG Kush have been described by users to be soothing and sedating, offering a relaxing high that is best used for late afternoon or evening use.