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Goblin boldly proclaims itself as an intense and dominant cannabis strain. Its buds are striking and burst with neon greens and light orange pistils, all shrouded in shimmering white trichomes.

The scent of Goblin is overwhelming and breaking these buds apart releases an intoxicating blend of pungent earthiness and pine, complemented by a hint of herbal spiciness. Its robust flavor features a dominant earthy, woody essence accompanied by hints of herbal spice and pine.

Consumers have shared the effects of Goblin are intense and all-encompassing. They say it kicks off with an immediate surge of euphoria that sparks creativity. The physical sensations are described as being deeply relaxing and perfect for unwinding after a demanding day.

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Hybrid Goblin

Frequently Asked Questions About Goblin

What is Goblin?

Goblin is a captivating and enigmatic cannabis strain, celebrated for its intriguing effects and unique flavor profile.

Where does Goblin come from?

Goblin is believed to be a cross of SoCal Master Kush and Kingsblood.

What does Goblin smell like?

The aroma of Goblin is a blend of earthiness and pungent notes. It often exudes an earthy and herbal scent with subtle hints of spice.

What does Goblin taste like?

Goblin provides a pungent fusion of earthy, skunky, and herbal flavors, accompanied by subtle spicy and woody notes.

What color does Goblin have?

Goblin's buds are commonly bright green hues, sometimes with hints of purple or blue. The flowers have light orange pistils and a moderate coating of white trichomes.

What effects does Goblin have?

Goblin's effects are known for the euphoric rush it initially provides that is followed by a gentle wave of relaxation that gradually deepens into a tranquilizing sensation. This strain is favored for its calming and stress-reducing properties, making it an ideal choice for unwinding and contemplation.

Is Goblin an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Goblin is an indica-leaning hybrid strain.