Game Changer

THC: 21% CBD: <1% Daytime

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About this Hybrid Strain

Game Changer is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that produces buds with vibrant shades of both greens and purples, emitting a scent that’s reminiscent of tropical fruit, with undertones of grapes and wildflowers.

THC levels can top at 21%. Its high is known to help elevate mood, keep the consumer clear-headedrather than hazy, and though indica-dominant – won’t sedate or create sleepiness. For many, creativityis enhanced and hobbies become more fascinating while using this strain. Its name does referencealleviating effects such as autism, seizures, chronic pain, and depression along with anxiety according toreviewers. While this strain is most notable in the medical community, recreational consumers can enjoyits relaxing qualities.

Negative side-effects besides dry mouth and eyes include dizziness, anxiousness, and paranoia whenconsuming higher doses than tolerance levels.

It takes about 10 weeks for Game Changer to fully flower.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 21%
CBD: <1%


By crossing the indica Purple Dragon with the sativa Green Thai, Game Changer was born.

Genetic Lineage