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The Dunk-a-Roos cannabis strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is not going to make the user dunk like Mike, but it may help with the “Space Jam.” Lost River Seeds carefully constructed Dunk-a-Roos using the pollen from the 4th generation of their legendary Golden Goat series to germinate Mojo Jojo females. They gave birth to a sativa-dominant hybrid given the name Dunk-a-Roos after a tasty snack made to be dipped in frosting.

The buds appear more Indica-like, with dense and chunky forest and fern-green leaves that are tightly packed together. They appear to be already dipped in frosting, as the leaves are cemented together with a white crystal-trichome jacket. This coating not only protects the flower from low temperatures, it is also loaded with psychoactive cannabinoids. Wild, long, and curly pistil strands of fire are woven through the flower, glistening with trichome brilliance.

Breaking a tiny nugget up takes considerable effort, but the treasure underneath is worth every last bit of effort. The moist yet powdery leaves grind into a sizable pile, releasing thick fumes of skunk with a fruity twist. Pungent mango and pineapple add pleasantly to the flavors, until it’s time to combust Dunk-a-Roos. Then the Hawaiian BBQ turns sour, tickling some spices deep in the lungs that will most likely elicit a cough. Then sit back and relax, “Space Jam” has begun.

Users report that from the first toke a higher vibrational frequency is noticeable as everything seems lighter and funnier. A warm rush cascades from behind the eyeballs to the toes, invigorating the muscles with life and energy. Seeing the humor in things allows the user to view the world from a fresh perspective, making everything feel new again. This change in perspective opens up a world of creativity which inspires the user. This energizes the user to once again tap into their creative energy, and so the cycle goes on. Focusing all of this energy might be difficult, as this potent strain can definitely jog memory and has the potential to leave the user drawing a blank.

Dunk-a-Roos is a strain that has a reputation for leaving the user with a clear head even after the psychoactive effects have worn off, making it a great strain to enjoy in the A.M. The emotional uplift it provides can be a godsend to medical users suffering from depression and PTSD. Medical users suffering from anxiety might also benefit by starting with smaller doses as this strain has tested up to 25% THC and possessing the potential to trigger paranoia in some individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dunk A Roos

What is Dunk A Roos?

Dunk A Roos is a sativa-dominant hybrid that like the snack, brings a fun experience in a flavorful way.

Where does Dunk A Roos come from?

Dunk A Roos is a cross of Golden Goat and Mojo Jojo.

What does Dunk A Roos smell like?

Dunk A Roos has a thick and pungent skunk aroma. It is sour and musky with fruity undertones.

What Dunk A Roos taste like?

Dunk A Roos has a sweet and sour taste that quickly turns spicy and can be a little harsh if taken in too quickly.

What color does Dunk A Roos have?

Dunk A Roos has buds that appear to be more of an Indica. It has dense rounded buds that are dark green in color. It has bright orange pistils, can have purple highlights and is covered in a thick coating of frosted white trichromes that glues the buds together.

What effects does Dunk A Roos have?

Users of Dunk A Roos notice an immediate elevation in mood and well being as everything feels lighter, like the seriousness has been removed. They notice this rush of bliss translates into their muscles as they feel energized physically and equipped with new perspective mentally. Some have noticed that though it does bring energy and bliss, it also brings spacey-ness and scattered thinking. It can aid with creative endeavors more than focus.

Is Dunk A Roos an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Dunk A Roos is a sativa-dominant hybrid