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The long-lasting sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Damnesia has a pungent smell of pepper and spice that leaves a woody aftertaste in the mouth. When ready for reaping, this strain’s buds are spear- shaped and bare a faint red hue.

Its THC levels have been disputed depending on crop, but reviewers have noted its high as extremelycerebral. It’s a strain that’s great for most in social settings, inducing creative conversation andprovoking deep thoughts. This strain’s high will last a long time, two hours as the average. However, theeffects will creep up on the consumer, so take caution and be sure to wait for its effects to take holdbefore consuming too much.

Damnesia will leave the consumer dizzy if too much is consumed in one sitting, and dry eyes and mouthare normal effects.

Growers can expect Damnesia to flower in nine to ten weeks. This strain will produce long and heavybranches and kolas, so adding support to the stems is recommended so avoid them snapping. Bestresults will be seen grown outdoors.

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CBD: <1%


One of the parent strains is currently known – the sativa Amnesia Haze.

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Hybrid Damnesia

Frequently Asked Questions About Damnesia

What is Damnesia?

Damnesia is a sativa-dominant strain of cannabis.

Where does Damnesia come from?

Damnesia is cross of Amnesia Haze and another unknown strain.

What does Damnesia smell like?

Damnesia has a pungent aroma that is musky and smells peppery.

What Damnesia taste like?

Damnesia has an earthy flavor that has notes of sour musk, tobacco and spice.

What color does Damnesia have?

Damnesia has chunky forest green buds that are covered in an abundance of dull hairs and white trichomes.

What effects does Damnesia have?

Damnesia has been said to have powerful cerebral effects that are energizing and stimulating. Many have noted it sparks deep conversation and can be a great strain in social settings.

Is Damnesia an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Damnesia is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain.