CBD Kush

THC: 1-8% CBD: 7% After Work

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CBD Kush presents a harmonious blend of its parent strains, the hybrid Kandy Kush and an unknown high-CBD strain, offering a unique profile that leans more towards medicinal use than recreational. This nicely balanced hybrid is celebrated for its dense, foxtail-shaped buds that glow with bright green hues, amber pistils, and a lavish coating of trichomes. The strain's aesthetic appeal is matched by its gentle scent and flavor, reminiscent of earth and wildflowers, with nutty undertones. The buds of CBD Kush are notable for their dense structure and distinctive foxtail shape. The bright green coloration, accented by amber pistils, and a thick layer of trichomes, make the buds both visually appealing and indicative of their rich cannabinoid content.

CBD Kush emits a light and inviting aroma, characterized by earthy notes blended with the delicate scent of wildflowers, and complemented by subtle nutty undertones. This olfactory profile translates into a similarly pleasant taste, making for an enjoyable consumption experience that is both mild and refreshing.

With THC levels averaging between 1-8% and CBD levels reaching up to 7%, CBD Kush is primarily valued for its therapeutic potential. Consumers report significant relief from pain and inflammation, accompanied by muscle relaxation and stress reduction. Importantly, these benefits come without the sedation or couch-lock often associated with higher THC strains, maintaining mental clarity and making CBD Kush an ideal choice for daytime use.

The strain's balanced effects also include the enhancement of mental clarity, further underscoring its suitability for those seeking medicinal benefits without compromising cognitive function. Its ability to alleviate symptoms without significant psychoactive effects makes it a favored option for patients and wellness-focused users.

CBD Kush's high CBD content and moderate THC levels make it particularly effective for treating a range of conditions. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can help manage chronic pain, while its calming effects may alleviate stress and anxiety. The strain's capacity to relax muscles without inducing heavy sedation allows for relief from muscle spasms and tension.

CBD Kush typically requires about nine weeks to fully flower, ready for harvesting. While specific details about its terpene profile are less commonly specified, the presence of myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene can be inferred from its aroma and effects, contributing to its therapeutic properties. Growers can expect resilient plants that thrive in controlled environments, producing yields rich in both THC and CBD.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 1-8%
CBD: 7%


Parent strains of CBD Kush are a cross between an unknown high-CBD strain and the hybrid Kandy Kush.

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Hytiva Cannabis Strain Placeholder
Hybrid CBD Kush

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Kush

What is CBD Kush?

CBD Kush is a balanced hybrid strain that is known for its high levels of CBD and low levels of THC.

Where does CBD Kush come from?

CBD Kush is believed to be a cross between a high-CBD strain and Kandy Kush.

What does CBD Kush smell like?

CBD Kush is known for its earthy, woody aroma with hints of pine and citrus.

What CBD Kush taste like?

The flavor of CBD Kush is also earthy, with a woody and piney taste, and a hint of sweetness.

What color does CBD Kush have?

The buds of CBD Kush are typically light-green with bright orange hairs and a generous coating of white trichomes.

What effects does CBD Kush have?

CBD Kush is known for its relaxing and calming effects, which can help to reduce anxiety and stress. It may also help to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Is CBD Kush an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

CBD Kush is a balanced hybrid strain.