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The Booger cannabis strain is luckily, not at all gross like the actual thing. It’s a nicely balanced hybrid bred from the two popular strains Strawberry Cough and Bubba Kush. Characterized by what reviewers call an energizing relaxation, they say their muscle tension ceased while energy was prevalent in mind and body. A few experienced a cerebral buzz while others enjoyed a body buzz. Reviewers that have relished this strain say it’s a good choice for daytime use or as a wake-and-bake option.

When you see the cured buds of the Booger strain you’ll immediately notice its bright, light green color. Such leafy flowers are accentuated by patches of deep forest green and small bush-like bursts of orange pistils.

Booger THC levels tend to average in the low to high teens, so novice consumers have enjoyed Booger weed just as much as veteran consumers have.

Unique and complex aromas are emitted from this strain that are reminiscent of sweet berries and skunk. You might notice elements of sour earth or sour spices. A similar flavor profile crosses the palate though earth and spice come across stronger on the exhale.

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Booger - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Booger