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Bob Marley cannabis strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that reviewers say elevates mood and allows you to, in the words of the real Bob Marley, “lively up yourself.” The initial rush from Bob Marley brings energy and euphoria, according to reviewers. Along with cerebral elevation comes a desire for increased social activity, giggling, and creativity.

Many people enjoy Bob Marley as a daytime strain as well as for social stimulation in the evenings.

The compact dense Bob Marley buds are covered in a frosty layer of trichomes. Fruit and sweet aromas give way to tropical flavors on exhale. Linalool and bisabolol terpenes test at higher than average levels in this strain while THC levels average around 17%.

Genetic Lineage

Bob Marley - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Bob Marley

Frequently Asked Questions About Bob Marley

What is Bob Marley?

Bob Marley cannabis strain is an uplifting sativa dominant hybrid that reviewers say lifts your mood.

What does Bob Marley mean?

Bob Marley strain name pays homage to the late, great musician.

Where does Bob Marley come from?

The Bob Marley strain lineage hails from Jamaica and the name honors Jamaica’s most famous former citizen.

What does Bob Marley smell like?

Bob Marley cannabis strain smells tropical and fruity.

What does Bob Marley taste like?

Bob Marley cannabis strain taste fruity and sweet in a tropical way.

What color does Bob Marley have?

Bob Marley cannabis bud is dark green with a few purple hues throughout and orange pistils everywhere.

What effects does Bob Marley have?

Bob Marley strain is uplifting and euphoric, often bringing giggles and laughter as a side effect according to consumers.

Is Bob Marley an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Bob Marley is a hybrid cannabis strain with predominantly sativa characteristics.