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Band Master cannabis strain is a hybrid that reviewers say has the deep relaxation and pleasant body buzz Indica lovers enjoy. The initial uplifting euphoria is enough to lighten your load and bring a carefree mood. Eventually the energy dissipates to a deeply relaxing body high.

Some have said it is better to stay at home with this strain and enjoy the relaxing effects where you can be free from tasks too challenging. Consumers report that the body high can be strong and might make you keep in close contact with the couch while still maintaining sharpness senses. This flavorful hybrid delivers relaxation, euphoria, a body high, and eventual sleepiness according to those who have tried it.

The very appealing dense, dark green Band Master buds have orange pistils throughout and a light layer of trichome frost. Aromas reminiscent of sweet and citrus are accentuated by notes of diesel. The flavor is sweet from start to finish.
Band Master weed expresses higher than typical terpene content for bisabolol, limonene, and myrcene in recent testing and THC levels can range from 16% to 18%. Although this THC percentage is not high, the terpene profile creates an overall excellent experience with a complimentary synergy of effects.


Frequently Asked Questions About Band Master

What is Band Master?

Band Master is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain known by reviewers for its deep relaxing qualities and clear-headed high.

What does Band Master mean?

Band Master’s name pays credit to cannabis strains that contributed to its genetic makeup like Headband and Master Kush.

Where does Band Master come from?

Band Master gets its name from the cannabis strains in its lineage like Headband and Master Kush.

What does Band Master smell like?

Band Master cannabis strain smells of a combination of citrus and sweet aromas.

What does Band Master taste like?

Band Master cannabis strain tastes sweet with some skunk flavor and is sweet on the exhale.

What color does Band Master have?

Band Master cannabis strain buds are dense and light green with a light layer of trichome crystals.

What effects does Band Master have?

Band Master cannabis strain is said to have a powerful relaxing effect, making users sleepy, happy, and peaceful.

Is Band Master an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Band Master is a hybrid cannabis strain.