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707 Chemdawg is a balanced hybrid with hard-hitting and stimulating effects. The buds are commonly large, dense, chunky, and compact. They are known for their rich, forest-green color, which features a network of reddish pistils winding through the foliage. The flowers are coated in sparkly white trichomes.

707 Chemdawg has a pungent diesel, earthy aroma, underscored by citrus and pine. Its robust flavor has a diesel, earthy richness with hints of citrus and pine. The aftertaste is spicy and a little sour.

Many have shared they enjoy 707 Chemdawg for its powerful, long-lasting effects. Many first feel an invigorating cerebral buzz accompanied by a boost in creativity and focus, making it a favorite for those seeking inspiration. 707 Chemdawg is noted as being deeply relaxing and body-numbing, which can provide relief from tension. It is suitable for a range of uses, from creative endeavors to evening relaxation.

Genetic Lineage

Hytiva Cannabis Strain Placeholder
Hybrid Chemdawg 4
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Indica Nepal
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Sativa Thai
Thai Origin

Frequently Asked Questions About 707 Chemdawg

What is 707 Chemdawg?

707 Chemdawg is a highly regarded and powerful cannabis strain known for its robust aroma, complex flavor profile, and powerful effects.

Where does 707 Chemdawg come from?

707 Chemdawg is believed to be a backcross of Chemdawg #4.

What does 707 Chemdawg smell like?

707 Chemdawg exudes a pungent aroma with notes of earthiness and diesel fuel. This bold fragrance has subtle hints of citrus and pine.

What does 707 Chemdawg taste like?

In terms of flavor, 707 Chemdawg offers an intense and memorable experience. It has dominant diesel and earthy tones that are accompanied by notes of citrus and a hint of pine.

What color does 707 Chemdawg have?

707 Chemdawg has forest-green buds, which is accentuated by reddish pistils weaving through the buds. The buds are also covered in a thick layer of glistening of white trichomes. The buds are medium to large and dense.

What effects does 707 Chemdawg have?

707 Chemdawg is known for its powerful and long-lasting effects. It brings a rush of euphoria and mental energy that promotes creativity and focus. The physical effects are relaxing and body-numbing, which can lead to deep relaxation and relief from tension.

Is 707 Chemdawg an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

707 Chemdawg is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain.